The Journey

For two years, my husband and I interviewed
high-achieving couples, asking for their secrets to success. How do they stay connected during stressful times? How do they reach their career goals while making time for family? What strategies have they implemented to communicate their deepest dreams and desires?

It has been a privilege to hear the answers and my marriage has been changed forever! Even after publishing Everyday Experts on Marriage in 2006, Clay and I continue to look for stories of wildly successful marriages.

Would you like to contribute advice about lessons you have learned in marriage? We are always interested in learning tips or strategies that can help others. For those of you who have already shared your story with us, thank you. Clay and I are forever transformed by your insight!

If you are interested in attending a free, one-hour goal-setting workshop, please contact me.

Men, I am in the process of a new study about you! If you would like to take a quick survey (it takes about 5-6 minutes to complete), I would appreciate your input.

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