This is the most common question I have gotten in the past 4 days. So, I did 3 days of a Pre-cleanse, when you just rid your body of caffeine, sugar, and gluten (and apparently, happiness), and I have completed one day of the actual cleanse.

Giving up chocolate, coffee, and soda (or “Coke” as I would say, even though I am technically referring to Mountain Dew) has been the primary challenge for me. My caffeine habit is evident to all the nice people at the Aloma Starbucks who know my name, know our kids’ names, and can make my order before I even say a word. I feel like Norm walking into Cheers when I walk into Starbucks. It has been my home. I know all the other regulars there. I know all the unwritten Starbucks rules, like “Thou shalt not use a table near an outlet if you are gabbing with your girlfriends,” and “Pay with the Starbucks app or you are just slowing down the line.”

So, here is a quick rundown of four days without caffeine:

This is a message I sent to Clay. Now that I read it, I realize I sound like Tarzan. "Me hungry. Me sad."

This is a message I sent to Clay. Now that I read it, I realize I sound like Tarzan. “Me hungry. Me sad.”

Day 1:

Headache. Pain. Depression. Sadness. Went to bed at 7:00 PM with two Tylenol PM.

Day 2:

Shocked the headache was gone, but I thought about chocolate, mochas, and Mountain Dews no less than 50 times that day. I did sneak a few sips of Dew behind the fridge when I knew my husband wasn’t looking, but I think he heard me opening the bottle. Guilt. I threw away my Mountain Dews then.

Of course, that is a big fat lie. I hid them farther back in the fridge and took a few more sips later. Then, I really threw them away (except one that is REALLY hidden, in case of emergency).

Day 3:

I actually felt better. If I had known it would only take two days to rid myself of caffeine addiction, I would have done this much earlier. It was really just one day of a headache (followed by 12 hours of sleep) and one day of depression at the realization that I had announced this thing on Facebook and now could not have my beloved Starbucks or Mountain Dew for at least a month.

Day 4:

This was the first day of the actual cleanse, and I have to admit, I was very thankful for the Pre-Cleanse Phase. It was helpful to take the weekend to sleep and cry over caffeine so I could just jump right into the cleanse. I thought, “Nothing could be harder than three days without Starbucks, a feat I only accomplished in the past when we went to the lake with Clay’s family and we were 34 miles from the closest one).

So, when the day began with a disgusting shake, I was okay. The hardest part was behind me, I reasoned.I ate a salad at lunch that tasted amazing (funny how hunger makes everything delicious – that is one benefit of this whole thing), and ate soup and salad for dinner. I don’t really think this soup and salad was perfectly clean, but baby steps. Last week, I was eating hot dogs and dew for dinner. Let’s celebrate small successes.

But I must admit, the BEST part of this day was talking to so many friends about this project! I started the day with Teresa, a mom from Easton’s school who has tons of great ideas and tips. We drank some healthy tea and she told me about a contraption called a spiralizer, which make zucchini into little zucchini noodles.

I just ordered one on Amazon! So fun!

We even started a Facebook Group called “Clean Eating for Busy Moms.” (Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message if you would like to join the group).

And I have had a blast talking to friends from Decatur, Hartselle, Auburn, Marietta, McDonough, Locust Grove, and here in Orlando about this project. If any of you are thinking about detoxing from caffeine (and sugar, gluten, and overall fun in life), take the leap and announce it online. It feels weird and kind of scary, but a crazy thing happens. People encourage you. They give you tips and bring you cookbooks. They send you links to recipes. It is truly amazing.

The constant stream of love from actual friends was a helpful distraction when saying goodbye to my other friends, Starbucks and Mountain Dew.

Now, I am going to march into that kitchen and get rid of that last hidden Mountain Dew.


goodbye starbucks